What We Do - Design

Severfield-Rowen design servicesThe Design departments at each of the Group Companies consist of highly skilled and motivated professional Structural and Civil Engineers with key specialist knowledge of structural steelwork design.

The design process offers clients alternative concepts and solutions.

By working closely with the Consulting Engineers at the concept of the project and with the assistance of the latest ‘state-of-the-art’ computer software for 2D and 3D analysis modelling and design at their disposal, we are able to offer Clients ‘Value Engineering’ for the most effective and efficient solutions.

Advice on material choices, fabrication, fire protection, surface treatment and erection techniques, can often lead to significant project savings.

Our Engineers are also involved in temporary works to suit site erection and buildability issues, working closely with Steelcraft, the Group’s in house erection company, to ascertain the most efficient and safest solutions for the clients’ needs.

This expertise is essential for high rise towers and complex structures undertaken by the Group.

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