Steelcraft Erection Services Ltd

Based at Dalton in North Yorkshire, this business provides services for all the other Severfield-Rowen Group Companies.

Whilst it only works within the Group, it is the largest structural steel erection business in the UK, directly employing staff and owning plant.

Company Key Points:

  • Industry leader and innovator in steel erection and construction
  • Latest equipment
  • Highly trained stable workforce
  • Award winning track record of safety and speed on site
  • Totally integrated with the Group's steel fabricators

It is now widely recognised as an industry leader and innovator within its field, working closely with equipment manufacturers, to ensure that it is always in the forefront in solving operational problems whilst providing maximum efficiency and safety.

The nature of the work puts a great emphasis on the quality of the people employed,  their training and the provision of modern equipment for the tasks undertaken.

Safety is of major importance, underlined by the appointment of a full time safety officer with a Health and Safety Director on the Company's board.

All sites are monitored on a regular basis with a system that generates detailed reports.

These are always available for main contractor inspection.

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Contact Details

Steelcraft Erection Services Ltd
Dalton Airfield Industrial Estate
North Yorkshire

Telephone: +44 (0) 1845 577 896
Fax: +44 (0) 1845 577 411

Sales Contact: Mike Ashton